December 19, 2020
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November 19, 2020

Face Mask Rash

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November 3, 2020
Botox for prevention

Prevention with Botox is real!

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Dermal Fillers and COVID 19 Vaccine

FDA data reported that three participants out of 15,184 who received at least one dose of COVID 19 Moderna mRNA vaccine have developed lip or facial swelling in areas of dermal filler placement, while no participants in the placebo group experienced any filler-related adverse events. 

This report had raised concern regarding safety of vaccine and dermal fillers, although all these reactions were reversible with use of medications. Also it is not clear what type of filler had been used in these cases. 

Dermal filler reactions can seldom accrue to viral and bacterial vaccines like  influenza vaccine or dental procedures. These reactions are temporary and can be treated with use of antihistamines or steroids. 

Patients with dermal fillers should not avoid vaccinations including vaccination against COVID 19 SARS Corona Virus. Also patients who had been vaccinated can safely receive dermal filler treatments but current guideline by American Society of Dermatologic Surgery recommends they wait to receive both doses of their vaccine against COVID 19 before receiving filler injections.